Welcome to new PhD student Ksenia Gnevsheva

UC Linguistics recently welcomed Ksenia Gnevsheva to the department. Ksenia has just started work on her PhD research, under the supervision of Jen Hay and Kevin Watson. We asked her to introduce herself, and here’s what she says:

I received a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Saratov State University in my hometown in Russia. After I was done with my undergraduate studies, I decided to have a gap year of teaching English in South Korea where I met my husband Jamie. I spent the next two years at the University of Arizona in Tucson, working on my Master’s thesis in Second Language Acquisition. It was a great academic and intellectual experience which confirmed me in my decision to pursue a career in academia. I was looking to go somewhere else for my PhD, and one of my professors at UofA recommended me the University of Canterbury which is how I got here.

My research interests lie in the area of identity and second language acquisition. The issue becomes more and more personal when my family and friends in Russia start commenting on my non-Russian accent, several Americans ask me if I’m Canadian, and New Zealanders take me for an American!

In my free time I like cooking international food and watching international movies, travelling and spending time outdoors (which, I’ve discovered, New Zealand is perfect for). I love camping, biking, hiking, etc. An achievement that I am very proud of is having hiked down and up the Grand Canyon earlier this year.  So, if anyone is up for anything like that, count me in!

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