UC linguists present at NZ Linguistic Society conference in Auckland

The Linguistic Society of New Zealand has its annual conference around November each year. The 2012 conference takes place in Auckland this week (heads up: the 2013 conference is being hosted by UC!). This year, the main theme is ‘Language and Society’, and many of us from UC Linguistics – staff, PhD students and Honours students – will attend to present our latest research, and listen to other talks by linguists from all over New Zealand and from overseas.

Here are the UC Linguistics talks (apologies if I’ve missed anyone out – let me know!):

  • Shirakawa, Mineko: “Experimental study of morphological case making patterns in Japanese-English bilingual children”
  • Hay, Jen et al.: “Paradigmatic structure in plural duration: A cross dialectical study”
  • Hume, Beth: “Uncertainty: Unifying the effects of phonetics and sound systems”
  • Clark, Lynn & Kevin Watson: “The transmission and diffusion of /t/ lenition in north-west England”.
  • Fiasson, Romain et al. “A cross-linguistic study of positional transfer using the imitation paradigm”
  • Watson, Kevin & Clark Lynn: “Sociolinguistic salience and the NURSE/SQUARE merger”

There will also be several poster presentations:

  • Saarinen, Pauliina: “Consonant length in Finnish morphological paradigms”
  • Sawada, Yuki: “Vowel epenthesis in Maori”
  • Todd, Simon: “The role of functional load in the maintenance of Māori vowel contrast”

For the full programme, see here.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in Auckland!

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1 Response to UC linguists present at NZ Linguistic Society conference in Auckland

  1. vgp says:

    While not strictly the same conference, but the ASSTA Workshop on “Phonetic Analysis of Rhythm in Indigenous Languages” is back-to-back with the NZLS conference in Auckland where both the MAONZE team and the NZILBB are represented:
    MAONZE team: “A Changing Tune In Māori: Prosodic Cues In Language Discrimination”
    Vica Papp: “A phonetic-phonotactic approach to rhythm: Rhythmic jitter”

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