UC was out in force at UKLVC, the UK’s largest conference on language variation and change, which was held from 2-4 September in Sheffield.

  • Jen Hay (UC Linguistics & NZILBB) was an invited speaker and gave a plenary lecture called “Producing and Perceiving ‘Living Words'”.
  • Lynn Clark & Kevin Watson (UC Linguistics) gave a talk via video conference called “The Transmission and Diffusion of /t/-Debuccalisation”.
  • Jen Hay also gave a talk called “The Evolution of Medial /t/ Over Real and Imagined Time” (with Paul Foulkes, University of York)
  • Pat LaShell (NZILBB) was co-author of a talk called “Lexical Competition, Frequency and the Fronting of Back Vowels in Northern British Englishes” (with Vince Hughes & Paul Foulkes (University of York), and Bill Haddican (CUNY Queens College, New York)).
  • Jeanette King (UC Aotahi & NZILBB) gave a talk called “Monophthongs vs Diphthongs in Māori: Why is the influence different?” (with Catherine Watson (University of Auckland), Margaret Maclagan (UC), Ray Harlow (University of Waikato) & Peter Keegan (University of Auckland).
  • Anita Szakay, who did an MA in Linguistics at UC and is now lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, gave a talk called “Indexical Specificity Effects in Cross-Dialect Auditory Priming”

When introducing Jen Hay’s plenary, the chair said she saw New Zealand as a “hotbed for work on language variation and change”. With our strong showing at UKLVC, we certainly agree!



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