Welcome to new PhD student Ahmad Haider

We are very pleased to welcome to UC Ahmad Haider, who has recently arrived to begin working on a PhD in Linguistics. In this guest post, Ahmad introduces himself and his research. Welcome to Canterbury, Ahmad.

AhmadI am Ahmad S. Haider, 27 years old, from Jordan. On graduating with a Bachelor in English Language and Literature from the University of Jordan in 2008, I worked for the Ministry of Education in Jordan as an English Language teacher for three years, during which I joined the M.A. program in Linguistics at the University of Jordan and obtained my M.A. degree in 2010. After that I have moved to Saudi Arabia and worked as a lecturer at Fahad Bin Sultan University for two years.

I believe that my educational background in both B.A. and M.A. degrees will enable me to make a contribution to the field of linguistics in general and discourse analysis in particular. Furthermore, teaching English for around four years in both schools and universities, in addition to writing some research papers, were behind my motivation to continue my studies.

All disciplines of language have always interested me and I cannot pinpoint to an exact event which led me to my fond of language. However, my main areas of interest include discourse analysis, computational linguistics, corpus based studies, English and Arabic syntax, and pragmatics.

My current research plan focuses on how revolutions in the Arab world are socially, discursively and linguistically represented in media from 2010. The “Arab spring” is the era of revolutions and democratic uprisings starting in Tunisia in December 2010 and still going on. The movement quickly spread to other countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain. The study will combine Discourse Analysis methods with some of the analytical frameworks of Corpus Linguistics to analyze the discursive representation of the Arab Spring in local, national, and international newspapers. I am working with Dr Kevin Watson from UC Linguistics, and Dr Donald Matheson from UC Media and Communication.

I chose the University of Canterbury as a destination for my postgraduate studies because of its outstanding reputation in the field of research, with a large number of research publications by its faculty staff. UC has the reputation of a University with an international orientation, with students from all over the world. Moreover, New Zealand is a good place to study, its lifestyle is good, and it’s safe.

After completing the PhD program, I would like to go back to my country and implement the theories I acquired to my teaching career, putting into consideration that English is an important and ever-growing knowledge, fast becoming the norm of communication in almost every aspect of life.

In my free time, I like both playing and watching sport, especially soccer and tennis. I also like playing video games with my friends.


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