Hello from PhD student Mohammed Dagamseh

Mohammed Dagamseh has been studying for a PhD in the Department of Linguistics, under the supervision of Dr Kevin Watson and Associate Professor Jeanette King, for a few months now. In this guest post, he introduces himself and his interesting research.


Hi, I am Mohammed Dagamseh, originally from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, from Irbid city. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English for Specific Purposes. A few years later, I obtained a Master’s degree in English for Applied Sciences from Jordan University of Science and Technology. I worked as a teacher of English in Jordan, then as an English training consultant in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, and after that as a university professor of English Language at Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia in Macca. I have also had other roles, such as a Sales Supervisor in Canada.

I am now studying for a PhD at the University of Canterbury, in the Department of Linguistics. The main reasons that I choose UC for my PhD study are its outstanding reputation in the field of research and its international orientation. Everything looks exciting and new, and people are lovely and friendly. Moreover, in my opinion, New Zealand is the right place to choose to complete your study, to live, and to have three full exciting years.

At the University of Canterbury my research will focus on language variation among the Jordanian Arabs of Christchurch. I will be investigating language use in different contexts, the attitudes of the speakers towards their native language (Arabic), and the speakers’ production of the majority language (English). As such, the project will combine work on language maintenance and shift with work on language variation and change, using a quantitative methodology.

So here I am as a PhD student in this ideal place in Christchurch. Accompanying me on this adventure is my wife Maha Alsheyab, an amazing wife with my two children Ahmad, who is 5 years old and Lara, who is 4 years old. When  not working in linguistics, I like playing soccer, going sightseeing and cycling with my family and watching movies.

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Welcome to the blog of the Linguistics programme at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.
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